Videos .. Click the links below for various videos of Dune.
Dune is a character and will need some consistent training and boundaries, but he needs directions, not corrections. He is just a puppy at 12 months, and the team is working with him, and every day, he learns more and more. He has improved massively with his leash manners and knows basic obedience.
He walks well on a double leash or a chain leash as he can get a bit excited, but once out will calm down and walk near you checking and waiting for your direction. He is a bit unsure of other dogs, so we are looking for a pet-free home. As he can nip when excited, we are also recommending a home with older children. Dune needs to continue to learn how to be calm it is not innate behaviour and needs to be taught and reinforced. Something he missed out on as a young puppy.
He is only 15kg, so he is a medium-sized dog, not a small one. But not big by any means. He has been castrated and fully vaccinated. He has a passport, so he can travel to Europe. Our team can assist.
Please contact us using the form below or via Whatsapp at +34 657 689 567. You are also welcome to come and meet Dune. We are open every day, including the weekends, between the hours of 09.30-16.00. No appointments are necessary during these hours.