Law is a beautiful dog who has spent his life living in a home. Sadly through no fault of his own, he is searching for a new home. His owner has left the country and couldn’t take Law with them. He needs someone to give him a new loving home.
Law is 2 years old and is clean in the house. He has great manners and is a lovely dog. He enjoys the company of female dogs but is not so good around males, especially uncastrated males. He is a large size, around 39kg in size but easy to walk on the leash.
Law is good with children, but he is a little wary of men. We are confident with some time, he will overcome this fear, and while he is with us, we work to change how he feels and build his confidence. He needs a cat-free home.
Law has been fully vaccinated, and he has a microchip. He is castrated and has a passport. He can travel if required, and the team can help you out with transport arrangements if needed. You can contact us by email or at Whatsapp at +34657689567.
Can you give this poor guy a second chance? Shelter life isn’t easy, especially when you have lived in a loving home. You can also visit him at the shelter in Benissa. we are open every day, including weekends, and you can come by between 09.30-16.00. No appointments are necessary during those times.