Twiggy's double rescue story

Hi, I’m Twiglet.

I was found by a rescue centre and put up for adoption  together with my two sisters. An old lady had 30 cats in her garden and was not able to look after us all properly.
Last year I got lost on bonfire night and ran far away from home as I was scared by the fireworks. I was missing for 5 (!) weeks in the middle of winter. I lost half my body weight and was in a bad way when a kind man found me on a building site and took me to the nearest vet. I was 8 miles away from my home but thanks to being micro chipped, the vet was able to contact my owners and I was back in the warmth of my  lounge just in time for Christmas.

Hope you can do the same for another cat and remember; ALWAYS MICRO CHIP YOUR PET!


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