Do you need to get some Mojo in your life? Then this is your guy! He is funny and cheeky and loves to play with his ball. Mojo loves people and would be good as a family dog. He is a little bit overweight, but he has been shut in a kennel for a long time with not much exercise and not great food. We have changed this with regular walks and better food. We are hoping the weight will drop off.
He is essentially just a small bodeguero cross but looks a little rounded around the middle.
Look at those eyes; they are filled with a story filled with longing to be with a family. He is good with some other dogs but can be a little selective. He has been around dogs as large as mastins and other smaller dogs and has been good. He is good on the leash and easy to walk and really enjoys being out and about and with people.
Mojo is 4 years old. He has been castrated and fully vaccinated. He can travel to some countries if required, and he has a passport. If you have any questions, please email or WhatsApp 657 68 95 67. We warmly encourage you to come  and take Mojo our for walk he will love it. we are open every day between 10.00-15.00.