Max is still waiting for his forever home. He was surrendered initially as his owner was suffering from ill health and had to return to his home country, and due to his medical needs, he could not take Max and give him the care he needed. Max is still searching for a forever home, and he needs a home with someone who is experienced with training young dogs and big breeds. As he still acts as though he is a giant puppy, he will need some boundaries and guidance. Max can get easily excited and reverts to puppy-mouthing and jumping up to get the attention he craves. The shelter environment aggravates this, but it is something that can be worked on. 

We have started working with Max to teach him some impulse control. This will help him make better decisions and find better ways of getting the attention that he wants without jumping or opening his mouth. Max is easy to walk on the leash and is a good boy. Of course, due to his size, he is strong, but not because he is pulling; he walks at a nice, steady pace. 

Max is clean in the house, having come from a home environment. He had a day trip out to a volunteer’s house, and he was much calmer. Many of these behaviours above disappeared as he had the space to run and lots to do to keep him stimulated and fulfilled. However, we want to make sure it is known so people are aware before adopting him, as some behaviours may reoccur when he is settled without firm boundaries about what is acceptable at the start. 

Max was good with other dogs, and he has been out on walks with them; he was okay, but I think he would prefer to live as the only dog. He can be selective with some of our male volunteers, so it might take time to build up the trust; however, he has instantly loved others. He is just a little picky, and he loves women. Max lived with kids, but with his current jumping up and size, we recommend a home where children are 10+ years old. 

Max has been castrated and is fully vaccinated; He has a passport and a Microchip. He travels well in the car and is waiting to travel your home so he can get back to those creature comforts he misses so much. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask. You can email or WhatsApp ±34 657 689 567.