Toby is our current resident gentle giant and is searching for a home for his twilight years. We love Toby as she is so gentle and so kind despite being in the larger size. Sadly for Toby, he ended up at the shelter through no fault of his own and due to his owner’s personal situation which meant caring for her dogs was no longer possible and coming to us at Akira was the best option.

Toby is super calm and he has been around children most of his life. He has been very welcoming to all of our younger volunteers and all he really wants is to roll over and flash his stomach as he wants you to rub his tummy. He would stay this way for hours if he could he just loves a fuss. Toby is good with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and genders and is super calm and relaxed around them. He has spent many day trips at one of our volunteer’s homes where there were 9 dogs and he was happy with them all.

Toby travels well in the car and he is clean in the house. In his past home, he had experience with cats and was not bothered by them at all. He also has experience of living both in a house with a garden and an apartment and he adapted to both. Toby is castrated and he has been fully vaccinated. He has a microchip and a passport so he can travel if needed.

We warmly invite you to come to the shelter and meet him in person. We are open every day between 8.30-16.00. If you would like to find out more, please use the contact form below or send us a WhatsApp at +34 657 689 567.