Summer is a young dog Belgian Shepherd mix that despite her bad experiences is a very sweet, affectionate, balanced and cheerful dog. We rescued her from an imminent death. It also seems that in the past Summer suffered a severe lesion to her hind legs and after assessment by a veterinarian it seems that the poor girls hasnĀ“t received adequate treatment after her injury. However at the moment it does not seem to bother or hurt her. She is a cheerful and fantastic dog with a very good character, she is also very smart and wants to learn. Summer also gets along very well with other dogs. Going for a walk is what Summer likes most and when she goes out she is so happy that she jumps for joy! As soon as the initial excitement goes down, she walks calmly, relaxed, curious and without fear on the leash. Summer is a dog that will quickly learn to walk next to you with or without a leash. Summer is very sociable and affectionate and likes to spend time together with people relaxing and enjoying cuddles. Summer is also house trained and wants to do everything right for you. Very intensive activities such as jogging or long walks are not recommended because of her hind legs, however Summer is a perfect companion for quiet and relaxing walks. Who wants to give this jewel a second chance and show her that life can also be good for her? She really deserves it!

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