Simon and Santi are two beautiful and gentle Doberman cross males. They both came to the shelter when they were very young and have now lived here for over 3 years. They both came with neurological problems that affect their senses. Santi has almost no sight at all, and Simon struggles with hearing/balance.

Santi recently got an eye infection and thanks to your donations was able to have surgery to remove the infected eye and as you can see from the photographs is much happier. Apart from their known issues they are in perfect health and enjoy life to the full but they are often overlooked. We hope someone out there can looks past these minor issues and offer them a home. They are a bonded pair so need to be homed together.

They are chipped and vaccinated and have passports so could travel if required. The staff can assist with arrangements.

For more information please contact us on +34 657 689 567 or email akirashelter@aol.com and you can follow us on Facebook Akira Animal Sanctuary.